Tuesday, 19 June 2012

7 things

so because this is my first blog post, I thought that it would be good to make it something which people are interacting with and something which has meaning, so I was just on here and saw that Louise is doing a 7 things for 7 days tag, ( but mine isn't for seven days...) so, I thought it would be a good first blog:)

here are my seven things-
1) take my make up off- I DO TAKE IT OFF, but sometimes i'm lazy and will just leave it on ( i know its bad but we have all done it! ) so I want to make sure I take it off every night, because this way it will help my skin as well :)

2) start to eat healthy- I really like chocolate and other snacks, but I know it is really bad for me! so, instead i'm going to try and swap it with a piece of fruit

3) start working hard- even though this one is a bit late, because my exams are nearly over... but I don't just mean studying, I want to work hard for everything I do now so that I know I have worked hard and done my best

4) keeping my room clean- I HAVE TO DO THIS ONE! my room always seems to just get really messy sooooo quickly, its so annoying! so i'm going to give my room a complete makeover and then keep it clean!

5) being more organised- i'm going to try and be a lot more organised... ( this might be hard for me )

6) trying my best at dancing- recently I have been getting a bit lazy at my dance classes, so i'm going to try and do my best every dance class now,

7) keep using blogger- I really want to get the hang of this and start to frequent blogs for everyone :)

so yeah, these are my 7 things which i'm going to try and do... HOPEFULLY

love you all, frankie x